Change is really hard!

Sometimes you just need a break…

Change is never easy. In the past four years, all I have had is change in my life. I have changed jobs twice, finally incorporated my business (after years of contracting), sold my home of 18 years, moved twice, bought a home in the country, and have watched my CMT progress, daily. Nothing prepares you for so much change. It has been HARD. Hard on my mind and hard on my body. I have hidden my emotions and stress by pushing them way down. I have also spent the last four years making excuses for not taking care of myself. I have had thoughts like “If I can just get this week, I will be good.” And it just has not. Almost every month of the last four years has tried to break me in some way.

Our Timeline of the past 4 1/2 years:

October 2014: My Dad died

May 2015: I left my job of five years & my son graduated from High School

June 2015: I started a new, but very demanding job as a Director of Branding and Communications with a large National Insurance Brokerage.

August 2016: We became empty nesters as my son went off to College

September 2016: I began experiencing tremendous balance issues & falls

February 2017: I traveled to Vanderbilt CMT Clinic to see a leading specialist for my Charcot Marie Tooth Disease

May 2017: I began wearing AFO’s to try to regain stability

June 2017: My husband had a heart attack

September 2017: Our house goes on the market

March 2018: Sold our home and moved to a small rental home, with most of our stuff in storage

April 2018: I incorporate my consulting business and got a new contract as acting Chief Marketing Officer at an Insurance Agency with thirty-five companies under the organization, for which I would oversee all Marketing

June 2018: One of our best friends died very unexpectedly

July 2018-September 2018: Searched for land and a new home almost every weekend.

September 2018: Put a contract on a house and it fell through after three weeks

October 2018: Bought a new home in the country

November 2018: Moved again, the day after Thanksgiving!

December 2018: Hosted three family holiday gatherings at our new home, three weeks after moving in!

January, February & March of 2019: I fell several times, directly on my knee

May 2019: My son graduates from College and begins moving home

June 2019: Began Rehab for my knee injury and am dealing with ongoing Osteoarthritis and joint issues stemming from my CMT. My contract also ended, & I began looking for my next contract. During all of this, I hosted a Graduation party for my son & his girlfriend, here at our home (with 60+ guests)

July 2019: Began a new contract and continue building my client base with my company (Stacie King & Company, LLC).

Of course, there have been a lot of good times with family and friends along the way, but it has been a really challenging couple of years. It has taken a toll on me both emotionally and physically. My health has not been great. It’s been a roller coaster… and I could really use a break from the stress and emotional challenges it brings.

However, we are still here and we are finally getting some normalcy around here. To say I am tired is an understatement. Stress has taken a toll on me, and frankly on all of us! I have gained back all the weight I had previously lost and you can see the impact of it all just by looking at me.

I have found that for me, writing has become my personal therapy for #thiswobblylife of mine. Being open and honest and writing down things that impact my life, has really helped give me a greater perspective. Although life has been a bit chaotic, I feel that I am very blessed. I am so very thankful for my current place in life, despite any challenges we may have had over the past few years. I have a beautiful new home, my husband has been continually by my side, supporting me through it all. I also have my son home again! I am so excited about his future and I am so happy that I get to spend this time with him and his beautiful girlfriend, Danielle.

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