Episode Nine: Ryan Hanley

My special guest today is someone I’ve known for quite a while, and I’m excited to have him on the show. Ryan Hanley is the founder and president of Rogue Risk, Founder of Hanley Media, and the host of The Ryan Hanley Show. He’s a fabulous writer and has a newsletter called Finding Peak, which you should find on Substack or his website, ryanhanley.com

Ryan also hosts podcasts and has his own called the Ryan Hanley Show, which is well-known in the insurance industry and beyond in various roles throughout his career. Most notably, CMO of TrustedChoice.com and the face of the Agency Nation brand through August 2018. Ryan started his media company while at Agency Nation and has created some of the most interesting and widely followed content in the insurance industry.

He began his scratch insurance agency in January 2020. However, you can still find his face and voice all over social media as an insurance industry thought leader on small business insurance and technology. However, on this episode, I get to peek behind the curtain and talk with Ryan about his personal life and a few things he had not shared previously.

Join us on this episode of This Wobbly Life with Ryan Hanley.

  • Stacie’s introduction. (1:43)
  • Feeling like an outsider. (5:49)
  • Being authentic and not afraid to be yourself. (11:36)
  • Why are word games, not the answer? (16:04)
  • How do we find purpose? (19:42)
  • Finding out that you have something different. (24:18)
  • The importance of finding your gift. (31:41)
  • Culture is a different world. (39:09)
  • How to deal with hate. (43:09)
  • Shining the light on the not-so-pretty side of insurance. (48:25)
  • How the insurance industry has changed. (53:52)
  • Podcasting is fun. (59:57)
  • The fun part of being a speaker. (1:06:14)
  • Finding purposeful ways to connect to others. (1:11:11)

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