Episode Three- David Carothers

Episode Three- David Carothers

Having spent the good part of eleven years working within the insurance industry, I’ve been able to work with some really wonderful people. It is always so awesome when you can connect with the people you work alongside in this industry and really get to know them personally and hear their stories.

I’ve had the pleasure of knowing David Carothers for a couple of years now and he always surprises me and entertains me whenever we talk. As you will find out by listening to our candid discussion, David is fierce in his drive for making himself better every day. His commitment to his family and business and his pursuit to be his authentic self shows in everything he does. He also works hard to keep balance in his life by taking time to focus on his wife and marriage no matter what. David seems to have boundless energy and gives his all each and every day.

Looking from the outside you would think that David is afraid of nothing and lets nothing worry him. However, you will learn that he, like most of us, has on occasion let his own fears creep in and get the better of him. He shares with us what steps he takes now to avoid that and how you need to just stop overthinking everything you want to do and just go out and do it! NOW.

I really enjoyed this one, and I hope you will too!

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