How do you eat out and stay on plan?

We all have them- those friends that you love to see but you know it always tests your willpower to be with them. When we give in to their suggestions of “just have one or two drinks with us, what’s it gonna hurt?” we end up feeling like failures and sometimes you just feel like giving up!   Well, I can tell you that I’ve been doing this a long time people.  I began my healthy eating journey back in the fall of 2013. As I look back over the past almost 3 years I remember many times that I had to make that critical decision to either give in to peer pressure or to stick with my goal. I can tell you that there were times I was better than others and each time I gave in, even just a little, it set me back not only physically but also mentally. Why do you say? Because it broke my focus and my control.      

Eating out

Today, I know I’m equipped to deal with those times of temptation and pressure. In fact, I welcome them and I plan ahead for them! The past few weekends, our friends have invited us to go out to various restaurants and bars. Whenever I knew we would be eating out, I’ve looked online ahead of time at the restaurant’s menu- picking out exactly what I can eat and I think ahead for how to adjust their items for my special needs.

Here are some pretty usual conversations with waiters during those trips:  

-Can you please use olive oil when cooking my food? I need it prepared with no seasonings or marinades, just salt and pepper please.

-I’d like only olive oil and balsamic vinegar as my dressing please, no dressing or crunchy tortillas on my salad- it’s very important (you can even say you have an allergy and they will be SURE not to put them on there).    

-I’ve got special dietary requirements so I can’t eat the tortilla chips with guacamole. I’ve brought some plantain chips with me to eat though, so I’d love to order a bowl of fresh pico and some guacamole please.

A couple of weeks ago, we met friends for sushi so I planned to order sashimi. I had also packed a container of coconut amino acids in my purse (we use them in place of soy sauce- which we cannot eat). We do this a lot… I usually always carry ghee, natural dressing and all natural seasonings in my purse. I may look weird, but you do what you’ve got to do!

The bottom line: I have to focus on controlling whatever I can, whenever I can.  If your plan is to eat clean and to live that way then you cannot leave things to chance and just hope.  Over the past three years, this has been a complete lifestyle change for me- for us.  I am so very proud of my husband who also now knows just what to order and how to order it when we go out. We actually enjoy the challenge of how to be the people we want to be while spending time with those we love. We may not be the cool folks at the table, but we can stay on track and still enjoy social gatherings and time with friends.

Hope it helps some of you too!


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