Hello everyone!

While I have no formal training in the culinary arts, I am a wife and mother and have been cooking since I was in my teens.  I love to create new dishes and I LOVE food!  I hope that you will enjoy these recipes and suggestions for eating yummy food that also nourishes your body and soul.  Since I do work for a living 🙂 and this project is done in my “personal” time, I will do my best to keep adding new recipes each week. If there are items you need or want, feel free to reach out to me and make suggestions!  As well, I will invite all of you to send me your own awesome recipes to add for others to enjoy.  This is a joint venture for sure!

See the drop down menu and click on the recipes you want to see.  You can also print the recipes and save them to add to your own healthy eating “GO TO” meals. 🙂  Meals will also be categorized by type so that you can search by meal (Breakfast, Lunch Dinner or Snacks).

I hope you enjoy them and HAPPY COOKING!!!