Ladies – Let’s Discuss Skin!

This one is just for the ladies… Does anyone else have red blotchy skin??? Let’s discuss!

I’ve had really bad rosacea most of my life, but as I get older it seems to have amplified! Especially when I am in the sun. Now that I have a pool I’m out a lot more, so… Ugly, red splotchy weird skin!

I have found three favorite new products that are CHEAP and easy and have made a difference for my skin. I thought I would share them with you.

One: A daily moisturizer by Aveeno. Absolutely Ageless- It’s cheap and really creamy and goes on really easily. It even has SPF 30 in it so it doubles as a sunscreen! I have put it on my face, neck, chest, and hands! I swear it works.

Aveeno Absolutely Ageless Moisturizer
with SPF 30

Two: Veil Complexion Fix (RAVIVEAR DE TEINT ECLEIR Correcteur, Cache, Illuminator). I bought it online… I saw a YouTube video by a makeup artist who uses it and ordered it a couple of months back. It has not disappointed! It’s all I wear now instead of foundation.
You just twist the bottom and the makeup comes up the tube onto the brush. I target the areas of my face where I need it most (cheeks, chin, forehead, and neck). Blend with your hand and wallah! Takes only a little bit to do the trick

Three: Daniel Sandler Watercolour liquid blush. I have it in pink, peach and this GLOW shade. Literally one tiny drop on your finger then dot the apples of your cheeks and rub it in. Gives color and a bit of glow/sheen to your face.

Hope this helps some of you! And no, I don’t make anything from this post, these are just products I’ve tested and love!

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