This is one of my favorite meals, for sure! I hope you enjoy it as well…

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Step One:  Defrost your frozen shrimp… I use frozen because, well let’s be honest, it’s easier that way!  If you want to use fresh shrimp, that is probably even better!  I always have shrimp in my freezer so it makes a great low fat protein serving.  For me, it only takes about 15 minutes to thaw from frozen as well, so it makes it a quick and easy meal go to!

Step Two:  Chop your vegetables!  I usually use green pepper, red pepper, yellow or orange pepper, asparagus, mushrooms and green onions.  You could use regular onions as well. I always have most of these ingredients in my fridge.

Step Three: Rinse your veggies and put in a large skillet or wok.  I have a VERY large skillet and I use it a lot.  It really heats up well and can make a mountain of stir fry which will make having leftovers or feeding a crowd, easy!

Step Four:  Add your shrimp to your skillet…

Step Five: Season your stir fry…  I use Morton’s light salt, ground red pepper, fresh or powdered garlic, fresh cracked black pepper, and Ty Ling Naturals Five Spice seasoning.  These give it a nice flavor, but are not overpowering.  If you are not watching your sodium or sugar, you can add a bit of Light ginger teriyaki dressing or low sodium soy or tamari sauce.  I sometimes use Bragg’s liquid aminos. This is a great choice for gluten sensitive folks!  To read up on Bragg’s products, click here.

Oh, and I never measure my spices… I just keep adding until the flavor is where I want it.  🙂

Step Six: Heat some brown rice (I use 90 second microwave brown rice, because it is easy).  Any brown rice will do!

Final Step:  Serve and EAT!  Delicious…