If you’ve always felt a bit different and your life has been a bit challenging at times. If you feel like talking about it because when you do, it makes you feel a bit less crazy… then my podcast is for you!

I’m Stacie King. I’m a Mom of a twenty-something son, a small business owner, and a wife, married to my husband for over 28 years. I also happen to have a disability that makes walking a bit of a challenge. Regardless of what challenges have come my way, this Wobbly Girl is thankful for every single minute I have been given.

If you’ve ever wondered how other people deal with feeling different and how they’ve overcome it. If you want to hear some great stories of personal & professional success- whether it’s about how someone pulled themselves out of a bad situation to overcome it or someone who has achieved a level of professional success that most only dream about. If you are perfectly imperfect and just out there living your life, getting by as best you can while trying to find a little balance in life then you will enjoy these talks.

Join me as I go through This Wobbly Life!