Time & Money Saving Tips for Eating Well


We recently bought a commercial freezer and we stock it with organic meats and farm fresh flash-frozen veggies.  We pay a monthly amount (split our order into equal payments) for our meats and frozen veggies.  For a family of three adults (we bought some extras for visitors and special occasions of course), we pay about $300 per month.  We purchased the freezer and get the food from a company called Blue Ribbon Foods.  I am happy to share my contact with you if you all want to research it. We love it because it helps us stay on a budget and we we eat only organic, non GMO at home and are always prepared for anything!  No more worrying about what is on sale or going to three stores to get organic meats.

With Blue Ribbon, your order is customized to your eating habits. If you love chicken and eat a lot of it, you can get a ton of chicken.  I have my list of everything we ordered. They bring it all out and organize it for you.  It is a thing of beauty! We got a couple of convenience foods (for the teenage boys) and some desserts for guests and lasagnas, etc for special occasions.

We are stocked in our garage at all times: Shrimp, salmon steaks, catfish, tilapia, chicken breasts, whole chickens, bison meat, ground beef, roasts, sirloin steaks, ribeye steaks, chicken tenderloins, chicken drumsticks, frozen peas, green beans, corn, stew veggies, spinach, turnip greens, etc.  All are really easy to defrost because there are no hormones and fillers in them.  I can put a frozen steak into my sink (filled with hot water) and it will defrost in about 10 minutes.  If interested in what Blue Ribbon has to offer, call Dean Duvaris at 770-279-4702.  Tell him I sent you.  🙂


The only thing I add to our stockpile of meat in the freezer is no nitrate farm- fresh bacon.  I forgot to order that last time, so I get it from the Bentley’s All Natural Meat market in Winder (for those that live close to us).  I LOVE Joe the Butcher there. great guy!  He backs his meat 100%.  I accidentally let some salmon go bad once and he replaced it without my asking.  I had just mentioned it in passing!  I get a few pounds of applewood smoked bacon, turkey bacon, and his yummy meatloaf, They have some great natural no nitrate all beef hotdogs for kids too (no fillers). Everything he sells is organic natural meat. Go to http://www.bentleysnaturalmeats.com/ for more information and to contact Joe, The Butcher!

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